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"I feel uprooted, like a mass of dead seaweed tossed here and there in the waves." - Gustave Flaubert

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SEO Strategy

Is your traffic flat? Do you overrely on inefficient channels? It's time to create amazing content, build links and strategize a better website experience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than writing; it's about making connections with people. You deserve content that actually engages your audience.

Website Structure

Map visitor flows to the buyer journey, feed traffic from pillar pages to your top-level navigation and provide value at every touchpoint. Simple.

That's me! ✌️

I help companies reach their growth goals by designing and implementing holistic strategies for website marketing and organic content.

What Growth Strategy Means to Me

Empathize With Your Audience

Know what your audience values. Respect their queries and their time. Your content and your website should always demonstrate Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T).

Drive Value That Gets You Discovered

Referencing external research, internally mapping content, aligning website structure to user needs and acquiring relevant backlinks will enable leads to find you.

Impact-Driven SEO

to Scale Revenue

Projects and success stories.

CoPilot AI

Oversaw organic content & SEO and project-managed a full website redesign. Increased monthly organic users by 102.87% in ten months.


Managed multiple websites for Paystone (annual revenue of >$60 million). Increased organic blog traffic by 71% in seven months for NiceJob, a Paystone brand.


Led the marketing operations at XenCALL (before they rebranded to ReadyMode), improving inbound lead generation by 495% and organic traffic by 143%.

WOW Branding

Scaled digital marketing operations for a boutique branding agency and helped four clients almost 2x annual revenue to over $1 million in less than one year.
What's your stack?
Ahrefs, Airtable, BuzzStream, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, InLinks, Jasper, Keyword Insights, Semrush, Webflow, WordPress.

A few things 🙋🏻 nobody asks:

What's the key to great SEO?
Empathy, expertise and patience. Care about your audience, know your subject matter and don't give up. Scalable results can take time but the payoff is all the more rewarding.
Where do you start with a new SEO project?
Some begin with keyword research but I value customer research to start. Understand customer needs then organize your website architecture and cluster your content.
What's your story?
I dig astronauts, Lego sets and robots. I was born in Winnipeg, grew up near Toronto and live in Vancouver. I'm a lapsed vegetarian who loves my charcoal barbecue. I have a master's degree in German idealism of the early 19th century.
What's your puppy's name?
Greatest sports franchise?
God's team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. No question.

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